Hohner Golden Melody G Major


Hohner Golden Melody G Major
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  • Hohner Golden Melody G Major
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Hohner Golden Melody G Major

The Soloist's Dream Machine
The alluring design and full length covers of the Golden Melody are not all that this iconic harp
has to offer. It’s the only diatonic model tuned to equal temperament, making it a favorite with
jazz harpists who need to play in tune with other instruments in all positions. The beautiful pure
tone sets it apart and makes it the ideal harmonica for single note solo playing. If you want to
touch the hearts of your listeners and explore your potential as a soloist, our dream machine
will set you on the right path.

Tempered tuning
Equal temperament enables playing in tune in all positions

Reed plates (material, thickness): brass, 0.9 mm
Reed plates (surface): brass
Reeds (number, material): 20, brass
Comb (material, color): ABS, red
Comb (finish): ABS
Mouthpiece (surface): ABS
Cover plates: stainless ...

Hohner Golden Melody G Major
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