Hohner Marine Band Crossover A


Hohner Marine Band Crossover A
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  • Hohner Marine Band Crossover A
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Hohner Marine Band Crossover A

The Future of Harmonicas
A hundred years down the road, the blues is still one of the most influential musical genres around.
Its impact can be heard in the pop hymns, rock songs, and even hip hop tracks from all over the world.
So we decided to design a new high-end harmonica for the blues and all the styles which grew out of it,
using sustainable raw materials, with a powerful original sound that would meet the needs of this new
generation of professional musicians. The result: The Crossover. The patented laminated bamboo comb is
completely water resistant and extremely airtight, the tone is bright and crisp and the modern compromise
tuning is ideal for single note playing, whether acoustic or amplified, while still retaining a full chord
sound. Whether you’re into blues, rock, jazz, or soul, the Crossover provides you with the power, sound,
and feel you need to bring your dreams to life. C...

Hohner Marine Band Crossover A
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