Korg Volca-Beats Rhythm Machin

Korg Volca-Beats Rhythm Machin
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Korg Volca-Beats Rhythm Machin

The Korg Volca Beats is a highly compact, analog rhythm machine/drum synth featuring the PCM sound engine and an integrated sequencer. The Volca Beats is the ideal solution for generating patterns, rhythms and drum loops on the fly. The PCM sound engine helps to re-create more unique drum sounds such as Clap, Claves, Agogo and Crash. The rough lo-fi sound it provides is reminiscent of the '80s synths. The 16-step sequencer features stutter and active step modes for optimal versatility. It also features a range of connectivity including a Sync jack for linking multiple Volcas together, as well as MIDI connectivity for use with your DAW or MIDI keyboard. Additionally, the portable drum machine features built-in speakers for sound design on the move.

Korg Volca-Beats Rhythm Machin
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