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Rupert Neve RNDI Aktiv Mono - DI boks

Rupert Neve Designs

kr 3 750
Rupert Neve RNDI Aktiv Mono - DI boks
Rupert Neve Designs RNDI Aktiv Direkteboks
Mono Active Direct Box with Custom Transformers, Class-A, Discrete FET Amplifier Circuit, Rugged Steel Chassis, Ground Lift, Speaker/Instrument Switch, and LED Current Consumption Meter
 A DI with Unparalleled Sonics
Those of us who have been privileged to work on vintage Neve consoles can attest to the vibrant richness and powerful punch that Rupert's electronics impart to your signal. Now there's a direct box that delivers this magic: the Rupert Neve Designs RNDI. Sporting fastidiously developed custom transformers and Class A biased, discrete FET amplifiers, the RNDI makes your bass, guitar, keyboard - or any instrument with a piezo pickup - sound massive and amazing. If you record music or do live sound, you take signals direct all the time. Might as well invest in a killer direct box: Rupert Neve Designs' RNDI.
The Neve of direct boxes
With its high input headroom, you can feed the RNDI a pro line-level source without a pad, and in Speaker mode, the RNDI can handle the full brunt of a 1000W power amp (for you EE types, that's +41.5dBU). The RNDI also sports impressive phase coherence, unrivaled amongst its peers. Trust us - you'll really appreciate this feature when you're blending a mic and a direct signal together! The Rupert Neve Designs RNDI is essential kit. We all need at least one.
Rupert Neve Designs RNDI Direct Box Features at a Glance:
Big and bold direct tone for basses, guitars, keyboards, and Piezo-equipped instruments Custom transformers deliver powerful low end and sweet highs without sacrificing clarity Flat frequency response within the audible 20Hz-20KHz range Extended response below 10Hz and above 100KHz Transformer and active circuits provide complete circuit isolation Extremely low output impedance and phase shift provide excellent, consistent results 1/4" In and Thru jacks; gold-plated XLR output Speaker/Instrument and ground lift switches; LED current consumption meter 48V Phantom powered Rugged steel chassis built to withstand life on the road

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