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Two in One Overdrive Pedal
Gold and Silver modes: 2 independent pedal sound in one mini stomp box
Optional: Tryebypass/Buffer bypass
Power: 9V Negative Tip

One of the most sought-after dual overdrive pedals produced in the mid '90s is now in
one unique pedal design-with a pocket size. NUX Horseman pays homage to the legendary
Centaur pedal. There are 3 dials for primary settings and 2 modes: Gold and Silver, and it
offers massive headway usually requiring an 18v input.

Gold Mode mimics its classic predecessor; the transparent Gold Centaur overdrive pedal
and the Silver Mode is a powered-up version with an extended gain range (Silver Centaur).

NUX Unique Design
The sound is based on the Centaur's voltage converter circuit. But the Horseman's characteristic
design is crafted with a built-in OP-AMP voltage-converter driving the 18V to OP-AMP.
Higher voltage-supply orders-up more harmonics, and convincingly reproduces the sound
of this unique pedal

Clean Boost
Another “classic” way to use the NUX Horseman.   Very useful when used in combination
with the amplifiers drive channel (or any other drive pedal).  And, depending on the Gain - Output
adjustment, it lets the Horseman be used as a clean boost.  Dial-up a low-gain with a high
output setting, and it adds mostly volume and minimal color to your sound.

Natural Distortion
Additionally, the controls can be set to distort the sound signal in the pedal, where two
Schottky diodes can perform a waveform clipping. ( The germanium diodes are discontinued,
we especially select the Schottky diodes to replicate the waveform clipping ) The "gain" knob
is a double potentiometer (a "dual-ganged gain pot"), which controls bass and middle frequencies.
Treble and volume are each controlled with separate knobs.
True/Buffer Bypass
NUX Horseman has an optional bypass mode. You can use the pedal in True Bypass mode to
keep your signal untouched when the pedal is OFF in the chain. We highly recommend to select
buffer bypass mode if you have more than 4 pedals connected together; switch to Buffer
Bypass mode and there will be no signal loss in your pedal chain!

Push and hold the footswitch and power-up the pedal; the LED indicator will show which
bypass mode is activated; RED - True Bypass / GREEN - Buffer Bypass.


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