LR BAGGS Anthem pickup


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LR BAGGS Anthem pickup

Acoustic Guitar Pickup + Microphone
Studio Mic'd Sound Wherever You Perform
The Award-winning Anthem series, featuring our patented TRU•MIC technology, seamlessly
combines a proprietary condenser microphone with our acclaimed Element pickup to deliver
the warmth and fidelity of a studio-mic’d guitar anywhere you perform.

At the heart of the Anthem is a revolutionary microphone engineered to capture a dynamic
studio-mic’d sound for any live performance. The TRU•MIC mounts to the underside of the
bridge plate and hovers just 3 mm above its surface to take advantage of the PZM or
“boundary” effect. This proprietary mounting system, combined with noise cancellation,
frees the mic to perform as if it were outside of the guitar in a studio and maintain remarkable
 feedback suppression for the stage. The result is a balanced frequency response with
excellent clarity for the purest sound you have ever heard amplified. We have paired the
Element pickup with the TRU•MIC to provide solidity and punch for low frequencies.

The Anthem has all of the essential tools in one complete system. The feather-weight preamp
and controls include: volume, mix, phase and a battery check. The mix control blends from
the augmented TRU•MIC position to Element pickup only.

Anthem TRU•MIC carries the majority of the guitars’ frequency range while the Element Pickup
carries only the lowest frequencies
The mic is highly feedback-resistant
Noise cancelling microphone technology eliminates any annoying honky or boxy qualities from
the inside of the guitar
Mic installs easily on the bridgeplate with peel and stick adhesive
Mic and pickup levels preset for optimum performance
Soundhole remote includes volume and mic trim controls
All discrete pre-contoured endpin preamp with preset crossover
Element Pickup fits most common string spacings and saddle width
Comes with battery bag for secure and unobtrusive battery retention


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